Elevon Mixer

An Elevon mixer allows you to fly a V-tail or Flying wing type model such as the 'Beta' with standard two channel radio gear. It simply plugs into your receiver and you plug your servos into the outputs of the mixer, set some DIP switches and you're ready to fly.
The unit comes complete with an illustrated six page instruction manual, to help the first time modeller get set up and flying as quickly as possible.
A Computerised Mixer provides greater flexibility and reliability than a mechanical mixer or sliding tray as is often used in V-tail models.
  • Works with all modern 1.5 millisecond neutral pulse radio gear.
  • Microprocessor design doesn't need adjustment for centreing.
  • Output travel limited to prevent servo or linkage damage.
  • Both outputs separately reversible for quick set-up.
  • Allows 100, 75, 50, or 25% independent mixing of inputs for flexibility.
  • Microprocessor "Watchdog" ensures things keep working 100%.
  • Simple installation, just plug in and set the switches.
  • Lightweight, just 8 grams.
  • Smaller than a standard servo. (25x10x30mm)
  • Low power usage. 4ma Max (not including current used by servos)
  • Gold plated output connectors for long life and sure contact.
  • "Universal" input leads fitted. Will connect to 99% of radio gear.
  • Covered by full 90 Day warranty.
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